We have the experience to help you achieve your goals in both residential and commercial real estate sales.

When dealing with residential we can handle a wide range of properties from condominiums and PUDs to exclusive ranches, vineyard properties and unique estates for the contemporary individual.

For any home involved in a homeowners association, as well as condominiums/PUDs, our unique background and expertise can help potential buyers in making an informed decision about a critical investment in their lives. We can analyze budgets, governing document (CC&Rs, bylaws, etc.) and provide a critical evaluation as to how these documents may affect your investment and your quality of life if you decide to become a member of a
specific association.

When advising sellers of homes involved in a homeowners association, as well as condominiums/pud, we can make sure the proper disclosures and proper information is disseminated to a potential buyer and their agent. This enables a smooth transaction, and one that does not fall apart 30 days down the road from glitches and/or surprises. More importantly we can make sure that the seller avoids pitfalls and potential litigation which so often plagues these types of transactions.

Our services are full service, but we also offer customized services for those who may not need full service in buying or selling a property, but still want to protect themselves from potential legal pitfalls. For further information regarding our real estate sales services, please contact us.